Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My mood has been thrown completely off-kilter by the abrupt change from 90+ and sunny on Saturday to 65 and breezy on Monday followed by two days of chilly rain (with more forecast for the rest of the week). I can’t seem to force my way through the gloom. It’s turning the white page before me to gray, making it harder than usual to fill the blankness with words…the letters melt into the shadows. It’s much too early in the year for SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

I’ve read several pieces recently scoffing at writer’s block, espousing butt-in-chair discipline along with helpful tips on breaking through, even urging writer’s to produce from a sense of desperation at the possibility of starving. I wish I could say they were inspirational; instead, while showing me I’m not alone in my struggles, they’ve reinforced my despair. I’ve heard it all before, even shared some of it with fellow writers when they floundered. Now those words come back to haunt me with their ineffectiveness when a shroud blankets my mental functions. It’s similar to telling someone who is depressed to cheer up (been there, too). Yeah, right. If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be a problem, now would there?

I found a haiku I wrote several years ago that helps put things in perspective:

Light dispels shadows
Offering freshness and hope
In a dark, dark world

 Light – that’s it. Preferably sunlight, but even a lightening of mood by focusing on the positive, reinforcing those neural pathways instead of strengthening the negative ones. Dig out a warm sweater, bake the bread I proofed yesterday, make a pot of comfort-food soup. And as a good friend just reminded me, persist! The words will come. These did.


  1. Take our mind somewhere totally unrelated to the story, and your mind will return to it. Works for me!

  2. Up here in Canada, it was hot and humid until the last day of Labour Day weekend. Then on Tuesday, the temperature fell, it clouded over, and suddenly Autumn had arrived. Very dramatic.

    Great post. My favorite part is about the baked bread and comfort soup!


  3. Tami, if only it were that easy! My mind is usually somewhere other than my story these days :-/

    Nancy, thanks for the comments. Weather junkie that I am, forecasters are calling for rain on eight of the next ten days. I'm going to need more soup!

  4. And Seth and I will be there tomorrow! That should brighten up the weekend a little! :-D


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