Historic Warren County

My first full-length non-fiction publication, Historic Warren County: An Illustrated History is the first comprehensive written county history published since the renowned Beers & Co. effort, The History of Warren County, Ohio, in 1882. Due to page and time constraints, it offers only a brief overview of the rich cultural and historical heritage to be discovered in southwest Ohio. The project was sponsored by the Heritage Advisory Council, a collaborative effort among many area historic preservation groups designed to promote their respective activities in order to foster interest in and appreciation for preservation efforts in its many forms.

Following its incorporation in 1787, the newly-opened Northwest Territory provided a refuge for Quaker settlers who arrived in what is now Waynesville after fleeing their home state of South Carolina in protest against the scourge of slavery. The Friends form a still-active community in this diverse county which was named for the first American soldier killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill, General Joseph Warren. Numerous stops along the Underground Railroad dot the gently rolling countryside; quaint villages line the curving rural lanes and historic buildings nestle gracefully alongside modern technology in a thriving county which is one of the fastest growing in Ohio.

Historic Warren County: An Illustrated History offers 40-plus pages of text and photos both old and new which are supplemented by community sponsor pages highlighting local governments, businesses and organizations. Proceeds benefit the historic preservation efforts of HAC and its member agencies. Copies are available through each museum, several local retail outlets, and online.