Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm heartily sick and tired of the country being co-opted by far, far right (or far, far left) ideals and marginalizing anyone who doesn't agree with the party line. I am offended at being labeled 'unpatriotic' for not supporting a misguided administration and their terrible war. Democracy entitles every citizen a voice, and mine is constantly stifled by extremists on both ends.

Reasoned, logical debate was once a virtue to be upheld at all costs. Now any dissent, however reasoned, is stamped down by those who know their true motives cannot stand up to the light of day. America has forfeited any moral superiority it once could claim by starting an unjust war, torturing prisoners, locking up people - yes, people, no matter their politics! - for years on end with no recourse, and trampling on the Constitution and Bill of Rights by spying on its own citizens and upholding a laughably mis-named Patriot Act.

Democracy is not an ideal that can be imposed on others, no matter how well-meaning the stated intentions, and even less so when it is ignored at home. Fear and paranoia have become the new American ideals, and Washington - both parties! - does a masterful job of keeping its citizens afraid of everything.